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Birds 4 Homes is one of the largest Parrots sales Specie breeder and seller in the USA. We sell birds parrots for sale such as African Grey ParrotsAmazon ParrotsMacaw ParrotsCockatoo Parrots,  and Eclectus parrot parrot for sale online. We are specialized in both hand raised baby bird Parrot for sale and adult  bird for sale as well. our staff helps in the education of each customer and is here to assist any client that visits our pet store. We breed almost any parrot you can think of, from as small as parrotlet to as large as several species of Macaw. We want to be the #1 all Parrot pet store when anyone searches parrot for sale online parrot egg sale and will work very hard to earn your business and support you in your ownership of your Parrot pet.


We believe in weaning our baby birds based on their individual needs and rates of maturity. All baby parrots for sale online must get a good start in life, both nutritionally and psychologically. Each of our babies is given a hand-feeding formula that is best suited to their species and individual needs. They are given a variety of foods at an early age, which allows them to explore and experiment with different tastes and textures. Our babies are weaned onto a pelleted diet, various trail mix blends, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans and rice, grains, breads, pastas, and nuts (for the Macaws & Conures).

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