umbrella cockatoos for sale

Umbrella cockatoo for sale

Friendly with other animals Hand raised from birth Very friendly with kids, The umbrella cockatoo for sale, likewise known as the white cockatoo or the terrific white-crested cockatoo, is popular in bird circles as being among the most affectionate and affable companion birds extensively available on the market today. An Indonesian native, the umbrella is somewhat smaller sized than the Moluccan cockatoo but is not smaller sized in personality or appeal. This outgoing cockatoo is infamous for its over-the-top antics and for being clingy with its owners.
The umbrella cockatoo for sale can be identified from other white cockatoos by its completely white crest that raises like an umbrella when the bird is thrilled, upset, or prepared to play (or bite!). Both the beak and legs are dark gray, and the plumes on the undersides of the wings and tail are light yellow.
Care and Feeding.
The umbrella cockatoo for sale is a long-lasting commitment for an owner– this type can live up to 70 years with correct care and attention. Many of these delicate birds do not live that long. They are prone to self-mutilation and the infections that result from that abnormal habits.
Because this bird is large and dislikes being confined to the point of chewing and choosing its feathers, it requires a large space to reside in, preferably a huge, well-built cage with a top that opens into a play stand. An umbrella can’t live gladly in a small area and will end up being tired and apathetic or upset and aggressive if confined.
The umbrella cockatoo owner ought to have experience with parrots before handling this feathered handful.
This is not a good first bird, nor is it a good child’s pet. The umbrella also tends to end up being ruined very easily, and will not take well to modifications in routine, or additions to the household, such as a baby or brand-new young puppy.
Personality and Behavior
The umbrella cockatoo for sale makes a lovely, affectionate pet, however, it’s not for everyone. This bird can be as unpredictable as the weather condition, playing one minute and screaming and nipping the next. Birds will be birds, with all of their peculiarities and caprices, and umbrellas are no exception, though the informed umbrella owner is fortunate to live with this remarkable bird that was named after something ordinary– and essential.
The umbrella desires nothing more than to snuggle with the object of its desire, and can become extremely attached to other birds or things in the pet store, leading to major disappointment when these birds or objects are sold– these birds are exceptionally emotional! In the wild, the umbrella is never without a buddy, and the captive umbrella has the same instinctual patterning to bond to a mate, or at least to have a unique good friend. The best way to make an umbrella cockatoo for sale dissatisfied is to keep it in isolation.
Speech and Sound
Numerous cockatoos for sale are re-homed because of their superior voices. On the advantage, the umbrella can be taught to talk and may obtain a vocabulary of more than 50 words, though a lot of will not find out that many. Often, a bird that finds out to talk may substitute screaming for talking– but not all of the time.

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