Umbrella Cockatoo for sale


  • Size: 18 inches
  • Lifespan: 40-60 years
  • Bird Species: Cockatoo
  • Colors: White
  • Sounds: Vocal, Noisy, Chatterer
  • Interaction: Well Socialised, Affectionate, Cuddly, Playful kids very tamed


Umbrella cockatoo for sale

Our umbrella Cockatoos is extremely sweet, charming, intelligent, and well behaved pets. Most are gentle enough to be handled by older children, and many Umbrella Cockatoos are beloved family pets.These Cockatoos are very lively and affectionate birds.

Umbrella cockatoos are gentle just like the other relative family specie the moluccan cockatoo for sale which is also very gentil and affectionate docile, and sweet-tempered by nature, making them well suited to be companion birds. cockatoo for sale near me .They are very rarely aggressive, and quickly form strong bonds with their caretakers.The range in size from about 12 inches to about 27 inches.


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