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Black-capped Parakeet


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Size: 8 inches

Lifespan: 70 years

Bird Species: Black-capped Parakeet

Colors: Green

Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, talkative

Interaction: Highly Social, Playful, Intelligent, Curious, Affectionate

Sku: conure

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Introducing Kyle, the charming Black-capped Parakeet ready to bring joy and vibrancy into your home. With his striking black-capped head and vibrant plumage, the Black-capped Parakeet is sure to capture your heart from the moment you meet him. As a beloved member of the parrot family, Kyle is known for his intelligence, playful personality, and remarkable vocal abilities.

Kyle’s captivating presence will instantly brighten up any room with his energetic antics and cheerful chirps. With proper care and attention, he thrives in a loving environment where he can interact with his human companions and indulge in stimulating activities.

Attractive and sociable, Kyle enjoys forming strong bonds with his owners and can become a loyal and affectionate companion for years to come. Whether perched on your shoulder or showing off his impressive repertoire of sounds, Kyle is sure to become a cherished member of your family.

Bring home Kyle, the delightful Black-capped Parakeet, and experience the joy of having a feathered friend who will bring endless happiness and laughter into your life.


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