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Size: 18 inches

Lifespan: 70 years

Bird Species: Congo African grey parrot for sale

Colors: Grey

Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, talkative

Interaction: Highly Social, Playful, Intelligent, Curious, Affectionate

Meet Sonia the Congo african grey parrot for sale

Introducing Sonia, your perfect companion from our collection of Congo African Grey Parrots for sale. At 11 months old, Sonia is a DNA-sexed female, handfed, fully weaned, and meticulously cared for. With a clean bill of health from a negative disease panel test, you can rest assured that Sonia is in prime condition to join your family.

Sonia isn’t just a pet; she’s a member of the family. Known for their exceptional intelligence and playful demeanor, African Grey Parrots like Sonia offer companionship and entertainment like no other. Whether she’s mimicking your favorite tunes or engaging in lively conversations, Sonia is sure to bring joy and laughter to your home.

With complete papers provided, you’ll have all the necessary documentation to ensure Sonia’s authenticity and provenance. Plus, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale—enjoy free shipping and after-sales service to address any needs that may arise.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome Sonia into your life. Shop now and experience the unparalleled companionship of a Congo African Grey Parrot firsthand.

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