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Electus Parrot for sale


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Size: 19 inches

Lifespan: 70 years

Bird Species: Electus parrot For Sale

Colors: Green

Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, talkative

Interaction: Highly Social, Playful, Intelligent, Curious, Affectionate


Introducing Miky – Your Perfect Electus Parrot For Sale!

Looking for the ideal feathered friend to brighten up your home? Meet Miky, a delightful Electus parrot for sale who is eagerly awaiting his new forever family. At 10 months old, Miky is a vibrant and sociable parrot with a charming personality and striking plumage that will captivate your heart.

Miky is currently available for sale, and he’s ready to bring joy and companionship to his new owners. As an Electus parrot for sale, Miky is known for his intelligence, playful demeanor, and ability to bond closely with his human caregivers. With his bright and colorful feathers, he’s sure to become the centerpiece of any household.

When you choose Miky as your pet, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality bird. Miky is healthy, well-socialized, and comes with all the necessary paperwork. Plus, he’s been lovingly raised in a nurturing environment, ensuring he’s ready to transition seamlessly into his new home.

Whether you’re an experienced bird owner or new to the world of aviculture, this Electus parrot for sale is the perfect parrot companion for you. He’s kid-friendly, other-pet-friendly, and full of personality, making him an excellent addition to any family. Plus, with our shipping options available, bringing Miky home is convenient and stress-free.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome Miky into your life. Place your order today and experience the joy of owning a beautiful Electus parrot. With Miky by your side, every day will be filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments.


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