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Hahn’s Mini Macaw for sale


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Size:  15 inch

Lifespan: 70 years

Bird Species: Hahn’s Mini Macaw for sale

Colors: Green

Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, talkative

Interaction: Highly Social, Playful, Intelligent, Curious, Affectionate

Meet Roni: Hahn’s Mini Macaw for sale Ready for a Loving Home

Are you searching for the perfect feathered companion to brighten up your days? Look no further than Roni, the delightful Hahn’s Mini Macaw for sale who is eagerly awaiting to join your family! Roni is a charming female macaw with vibrant plumage and a personality to match. She comes with complete papers, a travel cage, and a variety of toys to keep her entertained and happy.

Roni is not just any bird – she’s a member of the family, ready to bring joy and laughter into your home. With her playful antics and affectionate nature, Our Hahn’s Mini Macaw for sale is sure to become the center of attention wherever she goes. Whether it’s perching on your shoulder while you work, showing off her tricks, or simply cuddling up for some quality bonding time, Roni is always up for some fun.

Bringing Roni into your life means adding a splash of color and a whole lot of love. She’s more than just a pet – she’s a companion for life. So why wait? Take the first step towards welcoming Roni into your home today. With her complete papers, travel cage, and toys included, she’s ready to embark on a new adventure with you!


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