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Harlequin Macaws for sale

Harleguin Macaw

Harlequin macaw is a hybrid parrot bred in captivity by mixing the inexperienced-winged macaw with the blue and gold macaw. Harlequin Macaws for sale . it’s miles acknowledged scientifically as Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna. Harlequin macaws are vividly colored, taking cues from each its dad and mom and can be an fantastic preference for a puppy because of its exceptional disposition. Harlequin Macaw for sale

Temperament & personality

The word ‘harlequin’ way a joker or a jester and that is exactly what this chicken is. Hand-rearing a child harlequin and socializing it with masses of people can make it accepting of human touch. they may be alternatively shrewd and accordingly want to be interacted with by way of its owner on a each day basis, or else boredom will set in, leading to adverse and self-mutilating behavior.

they’re additionally trainable and can be taught to do hints, and certainly mimic human speech and different sounds that it hears. Harlequin Macaw for sale

Feeding of harlequin macaw

Physical Description: Harlequin Macaws can have a wide variation in their colors and patterns. Some breeders say that a Harlequin Macaw’s coloring depends largely on whether a Blue and Gold or a Greenwing Macaw was the male parent, but that is debatable. Most Harlequins are primarily deep orange on their chests and bellies, with striking tones of green and blue on their backs. Many of them have gold feathers on the underside of their tail feathers.

Being that hybrids are bred primarily for color traits, a large range of colors and combinations are available. These birds combine the playful personality of a Blue and Gold Macaw with the gentle-giant nature of the greenwing, resulting in a larger, more colorful, and sweeter Macaw.

Harlequin Macaw for sale

Average Lifespan: 50+ years

Sexing: Sexing these birds requires a DNA test, as they are not sexually dimorphic and you cannot tell the sex just by looking at them. Harlequin Macaw for sale

Origin: Harlequin Macaws are only produced in captivity, by crossing a Blue and Gold Macaw with a Greenwing Macaw. Therefore, they originate in the homes of bird breeders around the world. Harlequin Macaw for sale

Trainability: People who own hybrid Macaws claim to have the “best of both worlds”, and the Harlequin Macaw may be a good example as to why they feel that way. Both parents required to produce a Harlequin — a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Greenwing Macaw — are known for having laid-back and affectionate personalities.

While Harlequin Macaws will have moments of frustration like any parrot, they are a good choice for those who would like a large bird with an even temper and calm demeanor.

Loudness: All parrots have a tendency to be loud, but Macaws are the poster-birds for ear shattering vocalizations. Simply put, if you don’t want your parrot to awaken you early every morning by screaming at the top of its lungs, you should consider something other than a Macaw as a pet.

Pricing: Harlequin Macaws can be somewhat pricy, depending on your budget.

Minimum cage requirement is 30″ x 40″ x 66″ with 1″ – 1 1/4″ bar spacing, 5mm bar thickness minimum. Stainless steel cages are recommended due to their great beak strength. Harlequin Macaw for sale

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