Moluccan Cockatoo For sale


We have a gorgeous Moluccan Cockatoo for sale available! Super friendly and a musch Loves to cuddle and play! We ship same-day By Flight with Delta for $100 Call Us Today:(404) 835 9842



Moluccan Cockatoo for sale (Salmon crested cockatoo)

Moluccan Cockatoo for sale .Male and female available . affordable safe and secured shipping . 24 hours overnight shipping . payment secured.

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Our moluccan cockatoos got  rosy-pink color, with the depth of the pinkness varying between individual birds. Sweet and affectionate are understatements, when it comes to describing our Moluccan babies and our umbrella cockatoo for sale .

Our  cockatoo for sale loves, to be loved, and always wants nothing more than someone to be with. Like most cockatoos, Moluccans are incredibly sensitive and need  appropriate affection. Moluccan cockatoos are affectionate birds that bond strongly with their owners, thriving on the social interaction.

As pets, they really want to be just as close to their chosen person as they would be to a mate in the wild. This parrot stands out from the rest because of their salmon-pink feathers and brilliantly colored crest. .

Breeding Moluccan Cockatoo

Moluccan cockatoos only breed once a year (fertile parrot eggs ), the same breeding period as same as the other family specie the Sulphur Crested cocatoo  coz between December to March, vegetation growth is at its peak, thus food is readily available.

Health & Common Conditions

cockatoo birds for sale. Other diseases/conditions found in cockatoos include psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), fatty liver disease and obesity if fed a diet too high in fat.  Please avoid diets to high in fat for the healthy securities. moluccan cockatoo for sale near illinois



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