peregrine falcon for sale


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Peregrine falcon for sale

Age  : 1 year +

Weighs :  825g 1lb 14oz


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Introducing Sky – Your Majestic Peregrine Falcon Companion!

Meet Sky, the magnificent Peregrine Falcon bird ready to soar into your life! At just 1 year old, Sky is in the prime of his life, with strength, agility, and beauty to captivate any bird enthusiast. Known for their impressive speed and graceful flight, Peregrine Falcons like Sky are revered for their hunting prowess and majestic presence.

Sky comes with all the necessary documentation, including health records and permits, ensuring he is legally owned and well-cared-for. As a well-trained falcon, Sky is accustomed to human interaction and handling, making him an ideal companion for falconry enthusiasts or those looking to experience the wonder of falconry firsthand.

Whether you’re an experienced falconer or a newcomer to the world of birds of prey, Sky is ready to embark on new adventures with you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this magnificent Peregrine Falcon into your life – bring Sky home today and experience the thrill of falconry like never before!


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