Gyr falcon for sale


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Gyr falcon for sale

Age  : 2 year +

Flying Weighs :  2lb  12oz

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Introducing our Majestic 1-Year-Old Gyr falcon for sale!

Meet our stunning 1-year-old Gyr falcon for sale rom our verieties of falcons for sale, our female parent reared pure white gyr falcon is  ready to soar into your life and become your feathered companion! With its majestic presence and impressive wingspan, this magnificent bird of prey is sure to captivate your heart and command attention wherever it goes.

Our Gyr Falcon comes from a reputable breeding program and has been expertly cared for since hatching. It boasts a healthy and robust physique, indicative of its excellent upbringing and proper diet. As a 1-year-old, it has already undergone crucial training and socialization, making it an ideal candidate for falconry enthusiasts or bird lovers seeking a remarkable avian companion.

Whether you’re an experienced falconer looking to add a prized bird to your collection or a novice enthusiast eager to embark on a thrilling journey of falconry, our Gyr falcon for sale is the perfect choice. With proper care and training, it promises to be a loyal and majestic companion for years to come.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this magnificent creature into your life. Contact us today to inquire about our 1-year-old Gyr Falcon for sale and start your adventure with one of nature’s most impressive predators.


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